About Us

 NNS-OILS & FEEDS.Co.Ltd  -   
we are now operating in Russia in Sevastopol since January 2022


FOUNDED IN 2005, with a budget of over 100 Million Dollars, We are one of the leading Ukrainian companies dealing with refined sunflower and animal feed. 

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-We offer supperior quality refined sunflower oil and animal feed

-We offer great quantities of up to 10.000 MT/month

-Our prices are very affordable and remains one of the best prices in ukraine.

-Our goalis to make our customery every increasing and ever satisfied.

-We offer our refined sunflower oil at USD 600- 700 $/MT CIF  and the precentage of advance payment

will be negotiated by the two parties meaning us and the customer in question depending on

where we deliver considering frieghts and transportation hurdles.


The company has developed extensive networking capabilities for lucrative international business that is built from our reputation

in product sourcing and super- fast delivery. Maximum 8-14 Days (EXPRESS DELIVERY SERVICES AND OVER-NIGHT SHIPMENT AVAILABLE)





Our users

NNS-NIKOLAEVENASUNFLOWEROILS & ANIMALFEEDS distributes a wide collection of Refined sunflower oil types and animalfeed types

some by-products from our oil refinary. We are both retailers and whole salers and retailers can as well get our products at

good prices so that they can as well retail to other markets and their customers and retail markets worldwide.