15/10/2022 08:37
Because the price of Gas has increased Dramatically in the world due to the war in Ukraine we are not involved in the PRODUCTION OF WOOD PELLETS as alternative energy source for heating   WOOD PELLETS WOOD BRIQUETTES WOOD CHARCAOL and PURE HARD COAL

we are now operating in Russia in Sevastopol

27/02/2022 14:57
We are now operating in Russia in the Sevastopol Region and we ship from the Black sea

Main office has been established in Poland and Germany, Berlin

10/01/2020 18:19
Our main office has been established in Poland Warsaw, to facilitates sales with EU and Shenghen Countries, 2020 a big year for us

Iraq Order on the way

29/10/2016 13:43


25/09/2016 23:41

Visitor From Pakistan and Europe

09/09/2015 11:40


11/01/2014 13:47
  NNS-OILS & FEEDS.Co.Ltd  is open to coperation for a joint and big business venture and enterprise   We enjoy our colaboration with  in the following way: -Using joint busines account system -Joint capital land and labour -Joint entrepreneurship - Joint profit and Joint...


01/11/2013 09:03
Desert Miracle Very mild settle flavor, this olive oil, harvested mechanically and crushed 20 minutes after harvest give it one of the lowest acidity levels in the market (0,2° maximum ). It is very fruity, the fruitiness of ripe olive is clearly identifiable in nose and month with a...


12/09/2013 17:50
Welcome!!   NNS- OILS  is engaged in cultivation, procurement, alteration and realization of sunfloweroil production, and also the production of animal feeds of all kinds.     We specialize on growing of such plants as sunflower,soyabeans, for our oil products...


12/09/2013 14:43
  20.08.2013 10:54 Gathering of late cereal crops is already started in odessa region. It was announced on August 19th by director of agro-industrial development of Regional State Administration Mykola Neilik, reports press service of Regional State Administration. Thus, buckwheat was...
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