12/09/2013 14:43
20.08.2013 10:54
Gathering of late cereal crops is already started in odessa region. It was announced on August 19th by director of agro-industrial development of Regional State Administration Mykola Neilik, reports press service of Regional State Administration.
Thus, buckwheat was gathered on the area of 2 thousand hectares (14,4%),  threshed 3,4 thousand tonnes under the yield 17 c/ha (+2,4 c/ha to the level of 2012). Millet collected on 47 ha (8%), threshed 125 tonnes under the average yield 26,6 c/ha (-3,7 c/hа to the level of 2012).
According to M. Neilik, early grain gathering in region is almost completed, from the area of 510,6 thousand ha (96%) already collected 2,207 million tonnes of grain under the average yield 43,2 c/ha (+5,6 c/hа to the last year's level).
For winter crops sowing prepared 365,1 thousand ha (76%) of areas, including winter rape - 80 thousand hа (100%). Sowing of oil – bearing crop conducted by the reporting date on 17,2 thousand h