12/09/2013 17:50
NNS- OILS  is engaged in cultivation, procurement, alteration and realization of sunfloweroil production,
and also the production of animal feeds of all kinds.
We specialize on growing of such plants as sunflower,soyabeans, for our oil products and also  
maize, winter wheat, spring wheat, for both oils and animal feeds. 
OUR company is composed of  workers, engineers, agronomist, economist and other specialists,
which are able to resolve engineering and economical tasks of high complication effective. General
quantity of workers in all economies are more than 200 people.
Activity of enterprise directed on achievement of high volume of production by means of introduction
of world technology of growing of agricultural crops. Creation of additional facilities of acceptance, preservation
and shipment of grains increase resources of economy for forming consignment of high-quality grains, that let successfully
cooperate with other traders in the field.